2012 Walkers


Patricia Mannering

Two summers ago I walked with Crossroads in the USA. As time went on I realized how truly blessed we are to be from a country which is abortion free. I stood outside abortion facilities for the first time in my life and watched the women enter. I thought about all the babies who had been killed in those and my heart broke for all the mothers and their children. It is so sad. Over the weeks as we prayed and walked, one fact kept rolling through my mind: since 1973 over 52 million surgical abortions have taken place in the USA alone. The immensity of that number and the reality of the tragedy is almost unbearable. I am walking in Ireland because I want to keep our country abortion free. I want to protect Irish women and children from the horrors of abortion. I love our country and its people.

Tony Ertel

Providence brought me here. When I first heard about Crossroads Ireland I had nothing planned for the summer. I prayed about participating in this effort to spread the Pro-Life message (the truth) and God granted me confidence that I should walk. This walking Pilgrimage is a beautiful opportunity to raise awareness of the evil of abortion and the joy of life. Most importantly, it is a chance to unite in prayer for the flourishing of the Culture of Life throughout the world.


Caitlin Christianson

A few years ago, a Crossroads group stopped at my church one Sunday. They explained their mission and I was extremely inspired. I thought “Wow, they’re doing SO much for the Pro-Life movement. I’d never be able or have time to do that.” A few years later, the political atmosphere concerning abortion in Ireland came to my attention. Lo and behold – an opportunity came to walk for the cause of life in Ireland and I jumped at the chance. I’ve learned that everyone can help contribute to the Culture of Life in some way. It’s more important than ever to promote the right to life for every human being and I pray our efforts will make a difference in saving lives.


Jon Christianson

Why am I walking with Crossroads? It’s kind of crazy to take to the streets in a pro-life shirt and to spend each day walking and praying, but the world we live in has turned upside down and we need to be brave and get out of our comfort zone in order to take a stand for life.


Megan Schofield

Why Crossroads Ireland? Why this place, this year? There’s no epidemic in the world more prevalent, more insidious, more hidden, than the Culture of Death. Now more than ever before, there is a need for a New Resistance, a building of a Culture of Life. Ireland is on the “frontline” so-to-speak in the defense of the dignity of human life – abortion is still illegal, and it’s so important to fight to keep it truly abortion free – so that there is at least one place in the world to take a dramatic stand against the culture of death and begin the process of freeing the world from the Great Abortion Holocaust. I joined Crossroads because a friend of mine from Ireland asked me to come, and because I believe that the Crossroads movement – of prayer, sacrifice, and activism – can help raise awareness of the political issues at hand and to begin facing these important issues. Please God, it will help in some small way to begin to change hearts and minds and provoke something in the people of this great country. As Fr. Hillary reminds us, “All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”


Fr. Hillary Flynn

Fr. Hillary walked on the first ever Crossroads walk back in 1995. The walk started in San Francisco, CA and ended in Washington, DC. Since the first walk, Fr. Hillary has walked on several other occasions, traveling half way across the world from his home near Cairns, Australia. All those who meet Fr. Hillary are in awe of his dedication to the pro-life movement and his dedication to prayer and sacrifice for the unborn and their mothers. The walk is extremely blessed to have Fr. Hillary walk with them in Ireland this summer!


Christina Malloy

I walked with Crossroads in America two years ago and it was an amazing experience. When I heard about the walk in Ireland, I decided to take advantage of that opportunity. I am walking because I do not want Ireland to end up like the US and many other countries where so many lives are brutally ended before they even get the chance to see the world and so many women are deeply wounded with regret. Our prayers, witness, and sacrifices during this walk will hopefully help keep Ireland abortion free. Hopefully we will also encourage the people of Ireland to join in the fight to protect innocent lives and help end abortion around the world.