Thoughts from the road…

There were three things that are especially meaningful to me as I take part in the Summer 2011 Crossroads Pro-Life walk around Ireland. The first thing is our mode of transport. When one reads the Gospel it is hard to imagine Jesus travelling through the Holy Land by any other means than on foot. Yes, admittedly, he rode on a donkey on his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, but this can hardly be considered executive class or super-speed travel. Prior to that he went from village to village on foot, meeting the common people, touching them, healing them, teaching his message of love and forgiveness and proclaiming his kingdom with authority. Jesus instilled new life into anyone who was willing to receive it. Like our walk, he also travelled with a group of friends who walked by his side learning from him. So, for me, the Crossroads Pro-Life walk around Ireland gives me a sense of being a true disciple of Jesus: walking, meeting the people, proclaiming the Gospel of Life to the four corners of the country. I truly believe that Jesus – the Way, the Truth and the Life – is walking with us this Summer, leading us on our journey around Ireland.

The second meaningful thing is how exposed the Crossroads team are. Here’s a riddle: when does wearing a tee-shirt make you feel naked? The answer is: when the tee-shirt displays a message that reveals who you are and what you stand for. By wearing tee-shirts with the words “Pro Life” in print so large that it can be read from a distance of half a kilometre the Crossroads team stand out prominently as a group that is willing to challenge the media-driven liberal agenda. By wearing these tee-shirts and by carrying a Rosary beads as we walk there is no hiding place. Our souls are bare for all to see. Initially, this felt awkward but with each step we take it feels liberating: we are witnessing to the truth of the dignity of all human life and that is not something to feel ashamed about. Indeed it is a privilege to be a “fool for Christ” (1 Cor 4:10).

The third thing that meant a lot to me as I walk the Crossroads Pro-Life walk is that each day we visited a church for Holy Mass: “I rejoiced when I heard them say, let us go to God’s house” (Psalm 121).  I love visiting churches and in the towns around Ireland we have no shortage of beautiful places of worship. Saint Aidan’s Cathedral in Enniscorthy and Saint Coleman’s Cathedral in Cobh are two examples of neo-gothic architecture that had quite an impact on the Crossroads team while the many small intimate country churches have touched our souls as well. Are not our lives a continuous journey towards God in his heavenly place? Yes, indeed, and we are reminded of this every time we go through the doors of a church. On entering a church after walking for miles on the road we are also reminded of the generations of Irish Catholics, before the motor car became common, who travelled on foot or horse-drawn carriage to do their Sunday worship. Our walk this Summer connects us with our forefathers in the faith. We bless and thank them for passing on the faith to us. “How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord, God of hosts. They are happy who dwell in your house, forever singing your praise” (Psalm 83).

Overall this is a great Summer experience. As well as the serious business of the Pro-Life message I’m having lots of fun and laughter with a fantastic group of faith enthusiasts.

Keep walking with the Lord! See you on the road sometime!


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Hugh’s Blogging

Hey hey, I feel really important writing a blog, we are now in Shannon and I have been walking a week, and I am having a really great time, walking with so many good people and having so many great chats. I walked last year for three weeks along with Tim and Patricia in America, and when I heard about the walk being in Ireland this year, I just didn’t think it was going to be as good, but this week alone has been so great for me and aside from one massive blister that people would not let me POP, the walking and pro life outreach work on the streets of Cork and Limerick have challenged me to learn more about my faith and the pro life movement.

Love and love only will change hearts

My wisdom is vast, LOL

God bless
Hugh McGloin

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Into the West

So…the walk continues!  Morning shift are just leaving for a few hours walking, while myself and the rest of the afternoon shift drink coffee and chill in cafes… I mean… Give out leaflets in Ennis! Everyone is doing great, maybe a few sore legs here and there but we all have high spirits! We have been unbelievably blessed so far…some of the responses we have been getting from people we meet along the way have been truly amazing. So life is good. Yesterday morning we began walking from outside of Cork, and we walked 40 miles through Limerick and into Clare. We’re hoping to make it 70 or 80 miles up the country to the Galway/Mayo border, so we still have a good bit of walking to do. So yeah, that’s the plan over here. Not much else to report! Tim is still doing a serious bit of complaining, my legs still hurt, and we still have a whole lot of road to cover… Sweet! All the best, drop a few prayers our way! God bless.

Peace out!

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The craic from Cork.

Yes lads! It’s been a week since we kicked off from the spire in Dublin… And let’s just say there’s been more than enough blisters, sore feet, sore muscles and a whole load of crying. (on tim’s part anyway.) For me, I’ve been chilling out on night shift for the week. For a guy that hasn’t walked more than the distance from the fridge and back in his life, it’s been a tad sore on the legs. But it has been a great experience walking through the night… Praying, offering it up, and walking for 15 miles each night I know is doing amazing things in peoples lives, including our own. We are staying in a class home in cork at the minute with some extremely generous people, so life couldn’t be much better! Not much else to report, were about to leave to speak at Masses now, so send a few prayers our way! Cheers.
God bless.

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Hi there and welcome to the website of the Irish Crossroads Pro-Life Walk. Stay tuned here for more information on the day to day events of the walk and other news and commentary.

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