Meeting with Cardinal Brady!

In my short time with Crossroads I have been amazed at the way God has opened doors for us to spread the Gospel of Life. From speaking to the assistant to the Minister for Health, James Reilly, in his constituency office in Swords, Dublin, to meeting people on streets and engaging with their views on Abortion and to even meeting Cardinal of Ireland Sean Brady.

The Cardinal called Crossroads Ireland personally to arrange a meeting and it was indeed a special and joyous occasion for all of us. I believe our meeting occurred because of the intercession of one of the Cardinal’s predecessors, as Archbishop of Armagh, Saint Oliver Plunkett whose Feast day we had recently celebrated and whose relics we had seen that morning in Dundalk. On our arrival the Cardinal greeted us individually and had a beautiful supper prepared for us. He was anxious to know where we were all from and how we got involved in Crossroads and Pro life work. He told us a little about his life as a priest and Bishop with a particular highlight being the recent election of Pope Francis. We discussed the current proposed legislation to introduce Abortion into Ireland, the confusion among many people on the issue and the whole influence of the media on the debate.

The Cardinal remarked about the Pro life T shirts we wear and the whole charism of witnessing and praying on the streets of Ireland for a Culture of Life. He encouraged us in our mission and to be real witnesses to Christ - proclaiming the Gospel of Life with hearts full of love and compassion for those we meet. The Cardinal was certainly a Fatherly figure and a most generous host as after Supper he went out of his way to show us various Icons, pictures and photos of historical and spiritual significance. He said a beautiful final prayer invoking the Holy Spirit and Our Lady’s Intercession and gave us his blessing.

Our meeting with the Cardinal inspired us all and was a clear manifestation of how important the work of Crossroads is not only in Ireland but throughout the world!

- Séan McGee, Co. Galway