Graces from a Hectic Schedule

When I was considering joining Crossroads I had no idea how busy the Walk would be. IN all fairness, this was a walk around Ireland, set out over four weeks – fairly straightforward, no?

I soon learned this was not the case! I was to join the Walk one week in, beginning in Cork. Midnight the night before I get a call that the team would be in Dublin (!) AND Belfast! Random, no? This was when I realized how topsy-turvy my time on Crossroads would be from one day to the next. At that stage we were unsure of where we would end up, where we would be staying, etc…we only knew where we would be walking that day.

As such, you could say that Crossroads is run on God’s Providence. It taught me, and no doubt the other walkers in some way or other, how to trust in God’s will. Nearly every morning we woke up and squeezed ourselves into cars with our minimal belongings and food, at times not knowing where we would stay that night, or where our next meal would come from. Yet God provided all the time, and the generosity we met was amazing! Thank God for all the priests, parishoners, and families who met us and welcomed us to their parishes and homes! Without them our mission could not have continued. I suppose it taught us a lot about ourselves individually – Crossroads is a slice of humble pie!

Through the 4:30am starts, the miles of walking, the pouring rain and the sunburn, the craic was mighty. I was literally bent over laughing so often throughout my time, and I met such amazing people, it really brought home to me the joys of life and how precious it is! It IS worth protecting!

One of the recent days that sticks out for me was when I sat into the car after walking my shift with another walker, and was told we would drive an hour and a half to meet Cardinal Sean Brady for tea! Amazing, right? Well I suppose when it’s the last thing you expect after walking 5 miles, it is pretty cool! Later that night I found myself at a happy and prayerful prayer meeting in Ardee (thank you, guys!). It was a pretty random evening all right.

I have been caught up in the Pro-Life movement here in Ireland for so long, it has been good to get away from it all and experience a stress-free, news-free, and internet-free world in the name of witnessing for life!

It works out grand in the end!

-Kathryn Freney, age 18, Co. Mayo