Come Together!

Hey guys :) So so far we’ve finished half of our journey, we landed in Ballyshannon this morning after an early sunrise shift. We’ve had amazing host families along the way who have done so much for us and our journey wouldn’t be possible without them. I’ve got a feeling that Angie and I have just got the new theme song for this years crossroads, “One for the Road” especially the Nathan Carter version. “We’re all having fun with friends and we dont want this time to end” this line pretty much sums up the fun we are having as a group together and I’ve already planned my trip to America next year!!!! Our group are totally looking forward to the rally for life in Donegal this Saturday. Its amazing the amount of hard work we see around the country as wee pass through all the towns, it gives us the motivation to continue walking when we see all the people working their very hardest trying to keep the culture of life in Ireland. and welcoming us into their homes for breakfasts, dinners and night stays.