Day 7 of the crossroads pro life walk, Its Sunday and we have made our way back to Dublin as we need to change our rental cars.
Tonight we’ve been staying with the O’Driscoll family of Glasnevin. After a few cups of tea and a bite to eat we spent the night playing a game called fishbowl, a game that seemed loosely similar to charades led to hours of fun. Basically, 2 teams of 3 people took turns picking pieces of paper out of a bowl and with the aid of clues and miming, the other two members of the team would have to guess what was written on the paper, This led to hilarious confusion; mixing up ‘Table top’ with ‘Tayto’ and ‘Enda Kenny’ with ‘Gollum’.
Its been a light hearted night of relaxation to put a fine close to the first week of crossroads. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the O’Driscoll family for their warm hospitality.