Crossroads 3rd Annual Pro-Life Walk Around Ireland is Underway!

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June 14, 2013                                                 E-Mail:                              Phone: 0 87 141 1593




DUBLIN, IRELAND – Young people from across Ireland and America have begun a 4-week long, 1,000 km pro-life walk around Ireland.  The group, known as Crossroads, is bringing the pro-life message to cities and towns across Ireland. They began in Dublin on 10 June and will pass through Waterford, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Derry & Belfast before returning to Dublin on 6 July to attend the 7th Annual All-Ireland Rally for Life.

This is the 3rd annual Crossroads pro-life walk around Ireland – there are also 6 other Crossroads walks in America, Canada, Australia, and Spain made up of young volunteers from those countries. Together these young people hope to build a Culture of Life as they walk to defend innocent baby boys and girls in the womb.

Crossroads began in 1995 in answer to Blessed John Paul II’s call at the 1993 World Youth Day to the youth of the world to build the Culture of Life and be a “light to the world.”

The major sponsor for the 3rd Annual Crossroads Ireland walk is the office of Family & Life, based in Dublin. (Please visit and for more information). “We are delighted to be the major sponsor for the 3rd Annual Crossroads walk for life in Ireland,” said Patrick Carr of Family & Life.  “The pro-life witness of these brave young people on Crossroads is needed, especially with the government threatening to legalize abortion on demand in Ireland. We will do all we can to assist these young people to reach out to others to share the pro-life message.” Crossroads is also partnering with Youth Defence to reach out to other young people as they walk this summer.

During the week, the young volunteers walk an average of 20 kilometers each per day. On the weekends they pray at local abortion referral centers and speak at local churches. Throughout the walk, the Crossroads volunteers distribute pro-life information and wear t-shirts with “PRO-LIFE” in big bold letters on the front that can be seen from a distance.

“I am walking this summer to be a witness to my country and to let my fellow Irish know that the legalization of abortion will harm women and children and devastate lives” said Tara O’ Donnell of Co. Donegal, the team leader of this year’s walk.  “We will spend the next four weeks walking and reaching out to thousands of people with the pro-life message. Let’s keep Ireland abortion free!”