July 11

Today was an interesting day…

We hit the road early in the morning, after the tremendous hospitality of the Johnstons in Warrenpoint.

We had arrived the evening before, weary and soggy from that days walk in the rain of Co. Down.. and yet, as we drove, even the weather could not take from the beauty of the Mourne and Cooley Mountains shrouded in misty rain in Carlingford Lough.

Well, it was a day for walking, and walk we did! We split into groups and turned heal on the busy, noisy roads of Co. Down. It wasn’t long before we had crossed the border into Co. Louth and left Northern Ireland behind us. Forty-one miles later we arrived in Drogheda.

That sums up today, and if it were as straight forward as that, well, life would be pretty bland would it not?

What you, dear reader, miss here are the little bits in between each mile.

Silly jokes, horrendous(ly funny) puns, card games, Jon’s fantastic stories, the three pm/’whenever you can’ slump in the van, Fr. Hillary’s stories of Oz, munching Oreos from the back of the van, and of course, getting locked in the toilet because the key broke in the lock- all of these make life in Crossroads interesting and memorable.

As a new-comer, I found myself in the past week part of a group of very different people from different parts of the world put together to walk the roads of Ireland in prayer  to protect her unborn and vulnerable. How amazing is this! The majority of the group are non-Irish, and yet they are walking day-in, day-out to keep Ireland free from abortion. Praise God and His generosity!

As we start again tomorrow the final leg of the journey towards Dublin, I pray that the efforts of the team and their willingness to be instruments for God may bring abundant blessings upon them and all who saw their witness and bear fruit and that the dignity of life and human sexuality may be upheld in Ireland and in the world.