Mary Rose

It isn’t easy being kidnapped by a Pro-Life volunteer group traveling around Ireland in a rickety white van. Perhaps kidnap is a strong word…but rickety is a very apt word for our mode of transportation.

I joined Crossroads with a completely wrong impression of what I was getting myself into. I imagined trudging through the cold, windy, rainy Irish landscape, my feet full of blisters and my bones aching from the much-needed exercise!

Instead, I got an awesome road trip with a set of amazing volunteers. I was slightly worried about fitting in with a group that’s already had two weeks to bond. But that wasn’t a problem with these guys, because we have a common goal…to protect the most vulnerable of our society.

I wish I could spend more than four days with this crowd walking to raise awareness for this extremely important cause.

It has been a great experience walking for Pro-Life and given the opportunity I would do it over…kidnapped in a rickety white van, making up band names in between walking shifts to save lives.

Mary Rose Dovel
Temp-Crossroads Walker, Co. Cork, Ireland. Age 18.