Kiss O’the Blarney!

The “Gift of Blarney” is the art of elegant, flattering, persuasive speech that one supposedly acquires upon kissing the Blarney Stone, a legendary stone set in the very walls of Blarney Castle, in Ireland. We, the Crossroads group, have yet to see any supernatural persuasiveness pass our lips…. Though it would certainly come in handy on our travels. We started the morning early by stopping by the Blarney Castle before our walking for the day began. It was an impressive sight to behold, walking up to the imposing, grey castle resting on a frowning rock face from which the stones of the castle were hewn. The Blarney Stone, however, is a relic brought back from the crusades, reported to be the stone pillow of Jacob. The magical powers attributed to the stone developed after the stone arrived in Ireland. It’s quite an experience- laying on your back and bending backwards to hang off the top of an ancient castle to kiss a rock. I think it’s perhaps the only occasion Americans would fathom putting their lips to a completely unsanitary, doubtlessly spit-covered surface. It is, though, a life experience- one that I’ve always wanted to scratch of my bucket list. I don’t actually have a bucket list… but, you know.

Caitlin Christianson