Christ in the Humble Places

One of the greatest blessings of this walk has been the presence of a priest among us. He brings us Jesus every day in the Eucharist. This sacrifice of the Mass at once grounds us, and reminds us of why we are here, what our purpose is.
Being on the road often means celebrating Mass when and where we can: from beautiful Cobh Cathedral, to the pilgrimage site at Knock, to interesting 1970′s style churches, to the local parish church, to the coffee tables in people’s living rooms. The splendor of the great churches reminds us that Christ, in all His glory, comes to us in the humble places too. Heaven lept to earth first in a stable, lowly and small. Heaven continues to leap to earth every day in the sacrifice of the Mass, and He chooses once again the small and lowly Host. It reminds us of our own frailty, and the vulnerability of those we have come to defend: the unborn. Celebrating “home Masses” brings this startling reality to light and brings our focus to what is essential in all things: the Sacrament of the Eucharist. It’s all about Jesus.
As we walk, we continue to try and see where He makes Himself present and visible in the small and humble things of this world. In the face of those we meet, in our conversations with each other, in the subtle beauty of creation. He is always already present in all things. May we have the eyes to see and stand in wonder.

Meghan Schofield