48 Years

June 29th, the feast of Sts. Peter & Paul. Our Crossroads walker and chaplain Fr. Hillary Flynn (from “the tropics” – as he likes to say – in Australia) celebrated 48 Years of priesthood. That day we put in some good miles, had a bit of a shorter walk, and were able to pilgrim to the Apparition site at Knock. Mass and Stations of the Cross, followed by take-out dinner, pear cider, and apple crisp. Mmmm …love those burgers and “chips” (the Irish way of saying fries).

Father has been a blessing and inspiration to all of us, in his good spirit, his perseverance, and his simplicity and confidence in prayer. He also keeps us on our toes, putting in just as many miles as the rest of us (!!!!) and keeping our hearts focused as we walk. He was also on the Original Crossroads in the USA in 1995, and this year in Ireland is his 5th walk.

For all the hidden and visible ways in which you serve us, Father, we thank you.

Crossroads Team